Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Traveling Journal

I went on an unbelievably amazing trip last summer. I got the opportunity to travel all over the Pacific Northwest with my camp friends. My camp is Camp Thunderbird in Bemidji Minnesota. After we got off the plane in early June we were hungry so we all got into the vans and went to get food. When we got to where we getting food I saw that there was a dollar store I asked my counselors if I could go look to see if I would want anything for the trip, they said, "sure go ahead".  So a few of my camp friends and I went in. There it was, it might've been boring and plain, but soon enough it wasn't going to be. Soon it was going to be my trip journal. A journal to write all my thoughts, feelings, and how my day was in. Also each day I wrote a tip of the day so when I would look back on my journal I would know some helpful tips for the future. Aside from the tips I also have wrote down popular songs that we would listen to in the van and songs we made up so I could always remember them. This journal means so much to me because it wasn't just my summer but it was also all my memories, thoughts, and feelings. My journal went all over the Pacific Northwest with me. One place in particular was Olympic National Park where I had my first trip on PNW which was a 4 day hiking trip. My journal has survived rain, hail, and been tossed around countless times.  One of the hardest parts was making sure that my journal didn't get to dirty or to wet. One of the things that really means a lot to me in it is that if I'm really missing camp or when I'm telling my kids about it then I know I have all my memories written down. Have you ever had something special that you wrote in?

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